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Follow the Compass was born from living in a difficult world.  It’s a world full of suffering, strife, and sorrow, and we all carry burdens and anxiety. And yet the potential for the human condition hasn’t changed.  We still have the capacity to love, to be kind, to hold on to truth and bring something good to the corner of the world we live in. That can be challenging, like swimming against strong currents, when it is more convenient and more in line with our experiences and our environment to believe differently.   
Many of us want to identify with something greater than ourselves.  It gives us purpose in life, and we feel connected with others that share our identity. Follow the Compass is not THE Compass.  It is important to us, though, that we do hold up the ideals we think makes navigating this life more fruitful and fulfilling for the countless people that we share this world with.  We do want to very intentionally share the message of encouragement. 
Adam and Linda Kiraly started Follow the Compass to overtly offer music with love, joy and the Key West motto that we are all one human family.  To share real spirituality, wisdom, friendship and the knowledge that there is real hope that things will be getter no matter what our circumstances.    We hope you enjoy the music.

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